19 Agustus, 2009

So Ji Seob


Name : So Ji Sub
Date of birth : Seoul 1977. Nov. 4
School : Kwangsung middle school
Kwangsung high school - Korea National Sport University
ChungWoon University majored Acting.
Horoscope : Scorpio
Height : 182cm
Blood type : O
Interest : All kinds of sports
Family : Mother and an older sister
Talent agency : Boundaries of Forest
Skill : Swimming (Medalist at the National Athletic Meet)


* Cain and Abel as Cho In (SBS, 2009)
* U-Turn (OCN, 2008)
* Sorry I Love You as Cha Moo Hyuk (KBS, 2004)
* What Happened in Bali as Kang In Wook (SBS, 2004)
* Thousand Years of Love as General Guishil Ari / Kang In Chul (SBS, 2003)
* Glass Slippers as Park Chul Woong (SBS, 2002)
* We Are Dating Now as Choi Kyo In (SBS, 2002)
* Law Firm (SBS, 2001)
* Delicious Proposal as Jang Hee Moon (MBC, 2001)
* Cheers for the Women as Joon Won (SBS, 2000)
* Joa Joa (SBS, 2000)
* Love Story as Joon Won (SBS, 1999, story 6)
* Three Guys and Three Girls (MBC, 1998, cameo)
* Oh Happy Day (KBS, 1997)
* Model (SBS, 1997)


* Sophie Revenge ( 2009 )
* Movie is Movie (http://www.00movie.co.kr) (2008)
* A Destiny (http://www.cafe.daum.net/MOVIEDESTINY) (2007)
* Can't Live Without Robbery (2002)


* 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best New Actor for "Rough Cut" (2008)
* 41st Baeksang Awards: Best Actor for Sorry I Love You (2005)
* KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award for Sorry I Love You (2004)
* KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple with Im Soo Jung in Sorry I Love You (2004)
* KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award for Sorry I Love You (2004)
* KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Award for Sorry I Love You (2004)
* 40th Baeksang Awards: Most Popular Artist (2004)
* SBS Drama Awards: Good Actor Award for Thousand Years of Love (2003)
* SBS Drama Awards: 10 Popular Stars - Thousand Years of Love (2003)
* SBS Drama Awards: New Actor Award for Joa Joa & Cheers for the Women (2000)

* sony alpha 230
* S I E G F A H R E N H E I T

* Started out as a model
* He completed his two-year military service on 2007-Apr-27.

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aw...aw... jisub opa...

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saranghae SO JI SUB .

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jd pengen married ma dyy

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Keren blog nya. Ak Link ke blog ku ya. trims

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