11 April, 2008

Gong Yoo News upDate

Nggak lama setelah nyelesain drama series coffee prince, Gong Yoo ikut wajib militer selama dua tahun ( so yang ngarepin sekuel coffee prince kayaknya kudu bersabar dech )
Dia bercerita kepada fans mengenai apa aja yang doi lakuin selama wamil, pada tanggal 30 march kemarin, Gong Yoo menulis surat kepada fan dia nulis "This is Private Gong Ji-chul, and I'm doing well". He added, "It's been three months since I left with a heavy heart, leaving you crying behind me. I'm in Chulwon, where I have to live for the next two years.
Dan dia nggak bisa olahraga selama satu minggu karena mengidap asma kecuali olahraga Gong yoo sudah jalani semua training di wamil lengkapnya surat dari Gong Yoo to his fans

"I think I got a lot of Taiwanese and Chinese fans. I'm studying English through English letters, and when it's hard and lonely, I laugh a lot reading your letters".

"I'm doing well. I'm still a private who can't do anything, and I think I'm going to be criticized by my seniors. By age, I'm about third or fourth. I'm a little sorry to those young seniors who are uncomfortable around me". Half-jokingly, he revealed the difficulties of entering the army at an old age.

"At first, it was chaotic, but now I feel like I'm really in the army. I think I have to calm down a little bit. Goodbye, no, I salute you". He also left another thank you letter for his fans on April 6.

He revealed that he was happy for the presents his fans left him. "I received all your presents. I'm touched. There are stickers and pictures of me everywhere. My seniors tell me that I'm like a PX (store inside of the army). Because of your presents, it was chaotic with distributing the packages".
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